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Writing an outstanding book starts with a masterfully creative approach.

Question: What do the following accomplishments add up to?

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Answer: They all create the magic that is the Michael Levin Writing Experience™.

When you’re ready to write your book and only the best will do, you need the Michael Levin Writing Experience™.

As founder and master writing partner, Michael Levin shares his decades of imagination, creativity and experience with every client to create outstanding books for outstanding individuals. His masterfully creative approach is the only intellectually intimate writing experience of its kind, combining perceptive ingenuity, worldly knowledge and authorship expertise to deliver what we call The Michael Levin Writing Experience.

If doing something for 10,000 hours creates mastery, writing over 750 books makes Michael the only go-to for industry pundits, celebrities and game-changers. The Michael Levin Writing Experience’s bespoke process powerfully delivers best-selling authorship and thought leader status to the best of the best, creating uniquely personal books they will cherish forever.

We support our clients at every step of the way to creating an outstanding book. Let’s talk.

Meet Our Team

Michael Levin

Founder & Master Writing Partner

Mike Flood

Director of First Impressions

Mindy King


Jeff Buckner

Project Manager/CTO

Suzanne Levin


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