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Nothing creates loyalty, connection, and the perception and reality of thought leadership like a newsletter.

The Challenge:

Staying top of the mind with your list…and then growing your list…so people don’t forget who you are and what you offer.

The Solution:

A super high quality, strategic, twice-monthly customized newsletter that we will create for you.

According to a 2014 study by McKinsey, for every dollar you put into email marketing you get back 40x more than you would through Facebook, Instagram, and almost every other marketing channel.

— Newsletter authority David Hieatt

In today’s cluttered world, you’ve got to constantly remind people that you think smarter, act faster, and do what you do better than anyone else in your field.

Nothing creates loyalty, connection, and the perception and reality of thought leadership like a twice-monthly (or even weekly) newsletter.

Everyone wants to have ongoing communication with their list…and no one has the bandwidth.

We can do it for you.

The writing has to be outstanding and driven by strategic thinking.

And nobody’s better, or more experienced, at writing strategically, than we are.

In your newsletter, you’ll share your ideas, your insights, your breakthroughs, your new offerings…and you watch your list, your sales, and your income grow. Month after month after month.

People forward your newsletter to their colleagues and business associates. They post it on their social media. They are opening up their lists to you…at no cost…because you are providing value through what you publish.

Now we can offer this unique service for you.

We need just an hour a month of your time, to gather from you the thoughts you’d like to share in your upcoming newsletters.

We’ll draft the newsletters, each up to 500 words, for your review. We’ll edit and polish, and post.

It’s just $1,500 a month for the service (or $2,750 a month for weekly newsletters), billed quarterly.

That includes doing the custom design work and setting up the newsletter on Constant Contact or MailChimp.

We also offer marketing packages to help you grow your list.

You’ve worked too hard to let the people in your world forget about you. Stay in touch…easily…strategically…powerfully.

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