Perceptive ingenuity, worldly knowledge and authorship expertise. Services that deliver the Michael Levin Writing Experience.

The only intellectually intimate writing experience of its kind

Our masterfully creative approach is bespoke – we get to know you and understand your goals, dreams and ambitions. Then, we tailor the right approach to get you where you want to go. We call it the only intellectually intimate writing experience of its kind, because we combine perceptive ingenuity, worldly knowledge and authorship expertise to deliver the Michael Levin Writing Experience. 

Book Writing: Our version of ghostwriting, using our masterful writing partner approach. You benefit from the entire Michael Levin Writing Experience and work directly with Michael Levin, who will write an outstanding book you will cherish forever. Starts at $65,000. 

Book Coaching: You might have a manuscript in progress, or one that you are thinking about writing, but haven’t been able to get it going. In either case, you need an experienced writing partner to guide you to completion. Michael Levin provides you with direct advice, guidance and the hands-on support you need to write your book. He uses his decades of expertise, along with the powerful training program he was put through by his first mentor at Simon and Schuster, to give you everything you need to write an outstanding book. Starts at $12,500.

Book Planning: You have an idea for your book and you want to write it yourself. You need the best book plan possible to get you on your way. Michael Gerber, author of the “E Myth,” and close friend of Michael Levin’s, says that Michael has “created more books for people than anyone in history.” Michael can help you identify the audience, topic, contents, and flow of information from you to your readers with his personalized book planning process. Priced at $4,500.

Book Monetization: Writing a book is only half the battle. Then come the critical questions – how will you choose the right publisher? Get the right blurbs? Publicize the book effectively, using traditional media and social media? Should you start a website, a blog, a podcast – or all three? How can you avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous vendors? How do you get your book distributed on Amazon and, or traditional bookstores? Airport bookstores? Michael works with you to answer each of these questions, and more, in his six-month plan that gives you everything you need to know in order to publish, distribute, monetize, and market your book effectively, and at the lowest possible cost. Priced at $7,500.

Writing Course: When you’re writing your book on your own, there’s only one writing course in the world aimed specifically at business professionals to support businesses or professional practices. Join Michael for over six hours of video instruction in which he explains everything you might need to know for writing, publishing, and achieving best seller status. Priced at $295. View course

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