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Why Ghostwriting?

Because Books Make Magic Happen.

My job as a ghostwriter is to translate our clients’ ideas into book form, in order to make the world better, and to make our clients more successful, and more confident.

I always say that when you have a book, magic happens.

You can never predict where the magic will come from, but it always happens.

People read your book and hire you or your firm. Or they invite you on TV or onto a speaker’s platform. You’re invited to participate in events that transform your career. People you’ve never met suddenly want to meet you.

The books we ghostwrite, by and large, are a means of marketing the authors’ ideas, services, and products to their carefully defined target markets. Our authors enjoy the authority and cachet that being an author confers.

No other marketing or branding tool has the power of a book to transform the way the world sees you.

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