Writing Services
In addition to book ghostwriting, Michael offers the following services:

Book Coaching

You might have a manuscript in progress, or one that you are thinking about writing, but haven’t been able to get it going. In either case, you need an experienced writing partner to guide you to completion. Michael will provide you with direct advice, guidance and the hands-on support you need to write your book. He uses his decades of expertise as a writer, editor, and writing coach to give you everything you need to write an outstanding book. The fee is $4,500 for 90 days.  Most clients complete their work in 90 to 180 days.

Book Planning

You have an idea for your book and you want to write it yourself. You need the best book plan possible to get you on your way. Michael can help you identify the audience, topic, contents, and flow of information from you to your readers with his personalized book planning process. The fee is $4,500.

Book Editing

You have a manuscript that is not quite professional grade, not quite finished, or not quite satisfying to you.  Michael will review the manuscript for no charge and then come back to you with a plan and a quote for getting the manuscript to the professional level you require.

Book Monetization

Writing a book is only half the battle. Then come the critical questions – how will you choose the right publisher? Get the right blurbs? Publicize the book effectively, using traditional media and social media? Should you start a website, a blog, a podcast – or all three? How can you avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous vendors? How do you get your book distributed on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com, or traditional bookstores? Airport bookstores? Michael works with you to answer each of these questions, and more, in a personalized, six-month plan that gives you everything you need to know in order to publish, distribute, monetize, and market your book effectively, and at the lowest possible cost. $7,500.

Writing Course

When you’re writing your book on your own, there’s only one writing course in the world aimed specifically at business professionals to support businesses or professional practices. Join Michael for over six hours of video instruction in which he explains everything you might need to know for writing, publishing, and achieving best seller status. Priced at $295. You can learn more about the course, and review the first modules for free, at

How Do I Get Started?

If you’d like to get going on any of these services, call Michael directly at (617) 543-3747 or email him at MichaelLevinWrites@Gmail.com.

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