A New, Disruptive Approach
to Book Publishing

From 4x Entrepreneur Charles Michael Yim
and NY Times best-selling author Michael Levin

The traditional New York publishing model is antiquated, frustrating, and practically designed to set authors up to fail. As a prospective author, you have to jump through hoops that are expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming, with no guarantee that your book will ever see the light of day.

New York publishers expect you to figure out what book to write; find and evaluate literary agents; hire a competent writer to draft a book proposal; create your own marketing plan, and then wait as much as 18 months to see your book in print.

But they’re the so-called experts — shouldn’t they be doing these things for you? And shouldn’t they bring your book out immediately, not one day far in the future?

And what if you could get your publishing deal the same day you asked for it?

Get Going Faster Than New York
Publishers Could Ever Imagine

Traditional publishers expect authors to come up with their own ideas for books, even though they may never have done a book before. They’ll only consider an author who has commissioned a book proposal, including a thorough marketing plan, which can take months to create and costs $15,000 to $20,000. Publishers need weeks or a month or more to get consensus internally and make a buying decision.

We do it completely differently. First, you don’t need a book proposal, an agent, or an even an idea of what to write about. We’ll work the topic out with you, create the table of contents for the book, interview you, and write the book for you. We’ll create the marketing plan. It’s all done for you. And we make decisions on authors in just 24 hours.

Publish Fast And Publish More

With the old publishing model, once you make a deal, your book typically takes a year to 18 months to reach the market. You can’t revise your book once it’s published. You can’t publish more than one book a year because they all believe, “The market can’t handle more than one book from an author in a year.” They only think in terms of publishing books—nothing else. Author events?

With New York, it’s not a thing.

With us, you go to market with your first eBook or knowledge product within 90 days of signing the deal. We encourage our authors to revise and update their books as they see fit, even twice or three times a year, to add the latest information or guidance. We like to do multiple projects with our authors each year.

And we don’t just produce full-length books. We create and sell quick hit eBooks, online video classes, author events, and other ways to disseminate your knowledge and experience. We also present day-long conferences featuring our authors, present their insights and then sell knowledge products and coaching, on a revenue share basis with us.

Benefit From Outstanding Marketing and Distribution

New York publishers provide little to no marketing for 99 percent of the books they publish. They foolishly spend a fortune printing and distributing books through bookstores, so they’re stuck with paying out 100% refunds on unsold books. They have no idea who buys their books.

We take full responsibility for providing outstanding marketing for every book we publish. We only sells books via Amazon,, our own website, and back of the room. So we don’t waste money on distribution beyond those channels. We maintain a list of our book buyers and we stay in touch, providing useful information as well as promotions about new books and courses they might like.

Get Some Love From Your Publisher

Sadly, the interests of the authors and traditional publishing houses are not in alignment. New York publishers want to pay authors as little as possible and don’t care about the long-term relationship. They have sought to commoditize writing, to knock down the cost and avoid expensive book contracts. They judge books on the first 4 to 10 weeks after publication, deem a failure any book that does not “break out” immediately, and blame the author for that failure. As a result, they create miserable experiences for their authors, who feel ripped off and neglected by their publishers.

Our interests and the interests of our authors and readers are in complete alignment – we create books that transform the lives of our readers while making our business and our authors a lot of money. We take the long view – we are partnering with our authors, not trying to impoverish them, and want to make lots of money with them over the long haul. As a result, we create outstanding experiences for our authors, who keep coming back for more projects…and refer their friends to us.

Go To The Bank

New York publishing house contracts are long and complicated, full of clauses inimical to the interests of the author. Agents have to laboriously negotiate away those clauses in every single deal. New York houses pay 10 to 15 percent royalties, with checks going out just twice a year. Their accounting practices are sometimes less than honest – they often hold back tens of thousands of dollars due their authors. They have complex royalty statements in order to baffle writers and trigger a sense of despair about knowing how much they are owed We have simple, short, clear contracts – with no boilerplate that disadvantages the author. We pay 30 percent royalties, with statements and checks mailed quarterly. We have completely transparent accounting practices – authors can log in and see their sales at any time. We have clear, simple, easily understood royalty statements.

Bottom Line:
It’s a New Model for Book Publishing

New York publishers put out hundreds of books a year in dozens of verticals, hoping that something succeeds but not caring much if any given author fails. Editors come and go, because the only way you can get a raise as an editor in New York is to jump to another house. This turns the books the editor acquired at his or her prior house into “orphan books” without in-house champions, destined to fail.

New York publishers are corporate to the max, filled with dispirited industry veterans hoping to hang on to their jobs until they reach retirement age. The publishing houses have fiefdoms and turf fights going back decades, with poor communication among the various departments (editorial, marketing, sales). Their brands don’t resonate with readers.

By contrast, we remain tightly focused on our niche – entrepreneurship, venture capital, technology – and we offer powerful editorial and marketing support every author we publish. We are entrepreneurial and nimble, with a stable team of hard- working veterans proud to be creating the future of book publishing. Our brand stands for quality and timeliness in the minds of our readers.

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